Vague Mad Men Previews

I’ve been following Mad Men after Season 1 had just come out on blu-ray. Knowing very little about it, I decided to take a chance on the show and have been hooked ever since. But it’s only recently that I noticed something; the ‘next week on Mad Men’ previews are so absurdly void of any information. Here’s the most recent one (Season 6, Episode 8 preview):

I’m pretty sure this isn’t anything new- I want to say they’ve been like this since at least season 4. Unfortunately the blu-rays don’t have the ‘next week’ previews so I couldn’t compare the preview above to any previews from season 1. Nor could I find any previews earlier than season 5 on YouTube. I understand why the previews are so vague and what the creators hope to hide by being so. The creators like to have an aire of mystery and the ‘next week’ previews aren’t the only ones to convey this. With each progressive Season, the promos promoting the Season premiere date and what to expect have also gotten equally more vague. It’s almost like if Matthew Weiner and Co. had their way, they wouldn’t do any promotion, while AMC insists they do. So instead, AMC takes random clips and quotes and strings them together for our viewing pleasure.  It feels like some kind of inside joke that only a small amount of people are privy to. In my search for older ‘next week’ previews, I discovered I wasn’t the only person to catch on to this empty promotion. In fact some have made parodies. And with that I leave you with the best one I saw- it actually doesn’t seem any different from the real promo above:


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